Building Analysts Journal with Next.js

Emilio D'Souza


Next.js Scaffold

Key Next.js features

getStaticProps allow us to return props to our React component that’s going to be pre-rendered by Next.js. It gets the context object as a parameter and should return an object of the form.

If we want to create a blog, we’ll want to load pages dynamically. The getStaticPaths function needs to return an object, having a paths as well as fallback property:

  • The pathssection contains the number of pages that should be pre-rendered.
  • The returned params object can be accessed from within the getStaticProps which we’ve seen before and potentially remapped to something else.

In short, fallback:false renders only the set of pages returned by the pathsproperty. If a given page doesn’t find a match, a 404 page (that comes with Next.js) is being rendered.

Key References