My 2022 backlog

Emilio D'Souza


2022 Objectives

There were a few things from 2021 that I (ashamedly) did not find time for. These were:

  • Get certified as an Azure Associate Developer
  • Build my little brothers portfolio website
  • Create a fictional website (real-estate investment) to showcase to a potential client

After joining Redkite in October 2021, the Directors and I also talked about my career development to fit an Enterprise Architect role. My 2022 development plan for work looks something like this:

  • Strengthen my understanding of the fundamentals:
    • Network architecture
    • Databases and data storage technologies
    • ETL/ELT & data transformation technologies
    • Messaging technologies
    • Data Security
  • Get certified in:
    • TOGAF
    • Azure Expert Architect
  • Support the architecture team with client work and Business Development

Additionally, there's a few personal projects still on my hit list:

  • A personal portfolio tracker and alert application (Trading212 + FreeTrade + Coinbase Pro)
  • A fictional E-commerce website for retailers to buy Microgreens (potential side hustle idea 😃)

Agile for One

I've been a massive fan of Trello. However, this year I wanted to upgrade my productivity game, so I got myself a whiteboard and a multi-pack of colourful post-it notes.

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Having my tasks listed nearby helps me to regularly plan what I want to achieve that day and over the course of the next week. It also serves as a useful reminder to reflect and evaluate whether a particular course of action is aiding my longer term goals.

In terms of my personal execution of agile, I prefer to set myself 1 week sprints - this allows me enough flexibility to balance my projects with work and social time. Sprint planning is also easier, as I know once I commit to a particular user story, I'm in a race against myself to meet the week deadline.

Note: We have a segment on "Agile for One" you can find here (create article and add link)- where we provide guidance how to execute agile successfully for managing your personal projects or start-up ideas.

2022 Epics

Without further ado, here are my 2022 objectives (first 6 months), re-ordered by priority:

  1. Complete the Analysts Journal website
  2. Build my little brother's website (and deploy)
  3. Build the fictional real-estate investment company website (local only)
  4. Complete the Azure Developer Certification
  5. Complete the Azure Data Engineer Certification
  6. Create a personal portfolio tracker + price alert application (for my equities and Bitcoin)
  7. Create notes on Architecture Fundamentals
  8. Complete the Azure Architect Certification
  9. Complete the TOGAF Certification

As you can see, 2022 is going to be a very study-heavy year. I will be very happy if I can complete this without distractions!

Live Kanban

I have my personal Kanban board replicated on Trello here. It lists my active tasks to help me achieve the above! (add link to Trello Board)